Welcome to Inspired Childbirth!

An inspired life begins with an inspired birth...

Did you know~

...your childbirth experience can be the gateway to the inspired life you dream of for your family?

...you are fully capable of birthing your baby naturally, and it's much easier and less painful than you've been led to believe?

...giving birth has the potential to transform you into the gentle, confident mother you want to be?

...as people today return to more natural ways of living, women everywhere are starting to think differently about the way they give birth?

It is the first day of your baby's journey on this Earth, his or her introduction to what Life is like.

Just like planning a wedding, having a baby is wrapped up in a million hopes and dreams. Don't you want it to be perfect down to the last detail? How do you want your little guest of honor to experience it? How do you want to experience and remember it?

Just imagine you and your baby riding the amazing wave of hormonal synergy that happens when birth unfolds gently and naturally.

Everything just works...

alt text

Here you will discover an empowering, principle-centered perspective to guide you as you prepare for this incredible day.

You will be invited to examine your beliefs and create a powerful set of principles to guide you through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. You'll be inspired to act from an authentic and fearless place.

You will find tools, techniques and information to help you:

  • Have a naturally healthy and vibrant pregnancy.
  • Make decisions about your birth from a place of clarity, confidence and knowledge.
  • Birth your baby from a place of inner strength and intuitive wisdom.
  • Have a natural, gentle birth that will optimize the physical, mental and emotional health of your baby.
  • Activate optimal bonding and nurturing pathways for successful breastfeeding and connected parenting.

Take this amazing opportunity and run with it...

Explore the highest and best version of what an Inspired Childbirth means to you...

And allow your pregnancy and childbirth to inspire a life of joy and connection for you and your baby!

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